Bat Survey 25th May 2012 of Nore Barn Woods


Sunset: 21.03

Survey from 21.20 to 22.36


Surveyors: Nik Knight and Nic Pyle


Conditions: While the temperature and lack of precipitation were suitable for bat surveying, the strong breeze may have inhibited some insect and bat flight.


Results: 14 sound recordings were made using a time expansion bat detector. Seven were of soprano pipistrelle bats, 4 were of common pipistrelles, one recording showed both species, while the other recordings were indeterminable. Both species were observed in both the north wood and in the south wood. Occasional feeding buzzes indicated that the bats were foraging.


With more luck, brown long-eared, serotine and noctule bats might have been encountered too, as were detected in July 2011 along the footpath leading north to Selangor Avenue.

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