Hedgerow Project – update June 2016

n June, work restarted on our hedge project, which was begun in the period ending February 2015. Up till then, short sections had been coppiced and replanted.

The Friends have been keen to manage this hedge to stop it dying out. The work is being carried out under licence from the hedge owner, Markfield Investments. As a condition of this licence a fence is being erected along the Wayfarers’ Walk.

The fencing will protect future plantings.  An agricultural type stock fence was chosen, and erected close to the hedge so that it will not be noticeable in a few months. A pedestrian gate has been fitted at the Western end, for maintenance purposes only, so will not be available for public access.

The fencing work has been done in conjunction with TCV (The Conservation Volunteers), to whom we are grateful. The fence wire has been supplied by the landowner, the fence posts have been cut by The Friends of Hollybank Woods, and ancillary items supplied by TCV.

The project will be continued in September along the Eastern 80m of the Wayfarer’s Walk. This will involve coppicing of over-mature hawthorn and replanting. The fence will then be continued to the end. In future years the westerly sections will be coppiced and replanted too.



Photos of Hedgerow planting Feruary 2015