Shoreline Conservation Phase 3


In 2014 the Friends completed Phase 2 of the Shoreline Conservation Project to protect the woods from coastal erosion. However, there was still a small length that could not be protected due to lack of funding. 

In 2015/2016 funds were raised by the Friends for a phase 3 to complete the project, and this work started in March 2016.

The new project extends the existing Armorloc block revetment by approximately 20 metres eastwards along the foreshore. The Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership coordinated the work as they are the regional authority responsible for correct design and management of shore projects.

This shore work was fully funded by the Friends of Nore Barn Woods, with grants kindly donated by the following organisations, to whom we are exceedingly grateful:

         The Friends of Chichester Harbour

         Chichester Harbour Conservancy (Sustainable Development Fund)

         The John Coates Charitable Trust

         IGas Community Fund

         Chichester Harbour Trust

         Hampshire County Council

         The Solent Protection Society

 The Fiends Celebrate the Successful Completion of the Shoreline Conservation Phase 3 HERE





Updated: 09 May, 2018